Universal Design Crit

Universal (inclusive) design helps ensure usability as well as accessibility, and when employed as a design methodology will cost-effectively help avoid constraints and compromises that can occur later in projects when trying to retro-fit good features to make them more accessible, or tack-on specific functionality to improve accessibility overall.

Bring your projects to the Universal Design Crit by leaving a comment on this page, or simply join the session and ask your accessibility questions to learn how your next digital offerings can be better experiences for everyone.

1 thought on “Universal Design Crit

  1. If this session was video-recorded, I’d love to be able to see it. I attended this Universal Design crit session, and found it fascinating and super insightful, but the “crit” was so meaty, and fast, that it was hard to catch and document all of what was being pointed out as being inaccessible. I’d love to see the video of this session as a reminder of all the good stuff that was covered. Thanks, Cliff – Lokadot, LLC DBA CultureSpots

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