MWX: Museum Professional Development Forum (Part 1)

The Baltimore Principles: Towards a common vision for digital heritage education and professional development


When it comes to technology we are all perpetual students. Particularly in the context of a continuously evolving technology environment, this forum will ask us collectively to reflect on how effectively our cultural and educational institutions are preparing the next generation of museum practitioners to meet the grand challenges of the digital age.

This composite and highly participatory forum will provide an opportunity to shape a collective agenda with the larger purpose of advancing teaching and learning, professional development and scholarship across the emerging fields of museum technology and digital cultural heritage. Invited speakers will kick off the conversation with identified sub-themes. In response, participants are invited to break out into “unconference-style” working groups to follow up on specific points of interest. Reports from these groups will then be reviewed in a dedicated Professional Forum on Friday.

By taking these first steps to engage with the entire MW community as part of an open and shared effort to curate a set of working principles (to be known as “The Baltimore Principles”), we seek to declare a common vision of where digital and museum technology education and professional training can – and should – be heading in order to shape the future of museums and cultural heritage institutions across the Library, Archives, and Museum (LAM) sector.