Mobile Bake-off

So many mobile app providers, so many different ways to create your museum’s mobile tour – which one to choose?

In the MW2014 “Mobile Bake-off,” museum professionals get a chance to experience and evaluate a number of mobile apps, all created with the same body of Baltimore tour content in the same amount of time, but by a different app authoring platform and provider with a unique creative vision and technical solution. In this special “Mobile Tasting” session, each demo app and the Content Management System and Platform that produced it will be presented by its creators, and discussed by a panel of mobile experts with questions and contributions from the audience.

This Mobile Showcase museum professionals get an opportunity to understand the strengths and affordances of a range of mobile tour authoring platforms available to them, and mobile providers get to hear directly from museums what kinds of experiences and content they want to offer their mobile users.

Click on each mobile provider below to get links to their demo app(s) for the Bake-off!