Closing Plenary – MoCAtv: A YouTube “Original Channel” and what happened next

In 2011 then Museum Director Jeffrey Deitch was touring a show with legendary Hollywood talent agent Ari Emanuel. The line for the show stretched all the way around the block. Ari knew that YouTube were about to begin taking submissions for the award of the first round of official YouTube channels, what came to be known as the Original Channels. They decided MOCA should submit a proposal.

YouTube intended to seed a new economy made up of professional YouTube channels funded by the commercial world. A contemporary art museum became part of this adventure. Here is what happened next.

Panelists Ted Forbes (Dallas Museum of Art), Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli (Balboa Park Online Collaborative), Jane Burton (Tate) and Dixie Clough (Smithsonian Institution) will respond to the Closing Plenary presentation and discuss the role of video and YouTube in museums’ digital strategies.