Web re-design – a practical hands-on toolkit

Christopher Jaja, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, Canada, Brian Dawson, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

Are you in the middle of a web re-design project or just about to dive into one? This workshop will arm you with the tools and the confidence you need to get started or help you along your project. We cover the high level life cycle of a Web project, but focus on the details that will help you answer questions that really matter, such as: How do I ensure our audience get and find exactly what they are looking for? How do I go about in creating ‘responsive’ design? How much will my project cost? How long will it take to complete it? How do I create a content strategy? How can I manage roles and responsibilities – who does what?

We will do a thorough walk-though of very practical tools, such as a real life budget, a content inventory, a usability survey, an editorial calendar, checklists, and using wireframes to plan for your responsive design. Participants will be provided electronic versions of all tools and examples covered.

Bring questions you have from your own projects, which we will tackle both individually and as a group.

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