Using User Stories to Focus Your Tech Projects

Wesley Hsu, Balboa Park Online Collaborative, USA

Technology is increasingly becoming pervasive in museum settings, and many smaller cultural institutions need to harness the potential of technology to engage increasingly tech savvy visitors. Technology can be costly, and smaller institutions may not have the budget for large tech projects. However there are several techniques and methods these institutions can use to develop tech projects on a budget. This lightning talk will focus on creating user stories, an effective method for creating tech projects, as well as provide starting points for people learn more about how to create user stories.

The lighting talk with provide a very cursory introduction to how to use user stories. Then I’ll spend the bulk of the time writing two examples of user stories, then showing how it can be turned into something scopeable and deliverable. This will demonstrate exactly how they can be integrated into the tech project. Finally, I will be ending with providing a list of resources that people can use to learn specifics of how to integrate user stories into their development process.

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