Treasure hunt games creator – a system and its application at the Hecht Museum, the University of Haifa

Tsvi Kuflik, The University of Haifa, Israel, Oryan Rokeah, University of Haifa, Israel, Suzy Salman, University of Haifa, Israel, Israel

Published paper: The Treasure Hunt Game Generator – a system and its application at the Hecht Museum

Treasure hunt )or scavenger hunt( is one of the most popular types of games used to promote children’s learning in general and in museums in particular. Over the years a great variety of applications, demonstrations and commercial versions were developed and successfully deployed in museums. We report on the development and application of a “Treasure Hunt Game Generator System” that was developed and implemented at the Hecht Museum, an archeological and art museum located in the University of Haifa. It is a unique, very simple, and extremely user friendly system that enables the museum staff to create new versions of treasure hunt games easily and quickly for special events, as well as for regular museum visits. The resulting treasure hunt games were found by children visiting the museum to be highly entertaining.

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