Touch Van Gogh and be touched. How new media are transforming the way we present complex research

Marthe de Vet, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands, Jolein van Kregten, Van Gogh Museum, The Netherlands

Published paper: Touch Van Gogh and Be Touched – How New Media Are Transforming the Way We Present Complex Research

This paper will show how our curation and interpretation of new research findings on Van Gogh have been influenced by new media, such as multitouch tablets, and the new modes of communication they foster, and how this leads to new workflows between researchers and educational interpretators. We will explain how we take advantage of new technological ‘habits’ to promote immersion and engagement among visitors and non-visitors alike, and how this has affected our range of educational tools on site and online. We will reflect on the choices we have made—with regard to storytelling, modes of presentation, interfaces, tone of voice, look and feel, languages, and technical issues—to make technical information widely accessible and appealing to various groups.

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