Tools for designing visitor-centered mobile experiences

Laura Mann, Frankly, Green + Webb USA, USA, Lindsey Green, Frankly, Green + Webb, UK

How would someone interact with your organization if they were passing their time on the bus? What would be the impact on their mobile experience if they were in the wilderness or sitting in your café? How could you meet the needs of visitors with very small children or only those who are motivated by aesthetics?

This half-day workshop will focus on the context for mobile museum experiences, reimagining mobile beyond the conventional audio/multimedia guide. The workshop will be held at a local Baltimore museum.

Workshop Overview

Working in small groups, attendees will be introduced to the idea of context as a tool for designing mobile experiences and participate in discussion on how physical, situational and social context shape our own experiences using mobile devices.

Participants will be invited to complete facilitated activities in the galleries that focus on observations of visitor behaviors and they will reflect on these experiences to develop themes and stories.

We will introduce a game using a pack of specially-designed visitor context cards that describe a range of motivations and situations.

The groups will use the cards to quickly create, iterate and refine a number of ideas and use the cards to test these ideas in multiple contexts.

Finally, the group will map the ecosystem of the service design (accounting for the touchpoints of the new service: how will visitors learn about it? How will it be sustained and managed at the museum?) to enable participants to consider all the areas that will affect the success of their new mobile experience.

Each participant will receive a pack of 32 context cards as a takeaway.

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