The FactMiners Social-Game Ecosystem: Leveraging metamodel subgraphs in Neo4j graph databases

Jim Salmons, The Softalk Apple Project, USA

The Softalk Apple Project ( ) — the on-line digital archive of Softalk Magazine, published 1980-84 – will show game-mechanic prototypes, and detail the repository architecture and APIs for on-line museums and archives that may want to host ‘Fact Clouds’ within the FactMiners social-game ecosystem.

The FactMiners ecosystem consists of:

* the FactMiners multi-platform social game app

* – the web service providing gamification, player community, and repository workflow infrastructure

* – the Open Source developer community to create and expand the FactMiners game app, server-based web services, and repository APIs, etc.

* “Fact Cloud” repositories – FactMiners-compliant graph databases hosted by participating museums, archives, and related on-line collections, the first being the Fact Cloud to be developed and hosted by The Softalk Apple Project.

A ‘Fact Cloud’ in the FactMiners ecosystem is a ‘self-descriptive’ graph database – that is, a graph database with an embedded subgraph metamodel – prescribing the ‘what’ grammar/semantics of the ‘facts’ that can be expressed and entered into the Fact Cloud as well as prescribing the ‘how’ of the host’s visitor engagement goals and fact entry/verification workflow requirements.

Format: Game/ecosystem game app prototype demonstration and interactive ‘Fact Cloud’ metamodel protoyping using the Open Source Neo4j graph database and its GraphGist ‘live document’ technology to explore demo attendee’s source collections and visitor-engagement goals, etc.

Audience: Prospective FactMiners ‘Fact Cloud host’ collaborators and, more generally, those interested in exploring the utility of ‘self-descriptive’ (i.e. embedded metamodel subgraph) graph databases within semantic web applications, and those interested in exploring crowdsourcing and gamification dynamics within text mining and text analytics applications.

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