Seb Chan & Brian Alpert’s Web Metrics and Google Analytics for museums, part 2

Sebastian Chan, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Australia, Brian Alpert, Smithsonian Institution, USA

With the new complexities of a ‘web presence’ rather than just a ‘web site’, museum professionals need more than ever the ability to measure and track visitors so as to both improve their products and content, as well as demonstrate value to managers, directors and funders.

This year the workshop is run in TWO separate consecutive sessions. Participants can book for the second part on its own.

This first part of this ever popular and intensive MW workshop looks in detail at best practices for web analytics using Google Analytics and a range of other tools. Participants will learn how to bake in analytics when designing and building digital projects, and how to ensure that useful reports are able to be generated and insights learned. Expect to spend time examining your own institution’s web statistics and come to new understandings that will affect how you change and adjust your content, UX and UI, as well as your marketing and content strategy efforts.

In the second part Seb and Brian will look at some of the most significant new changes to Google Analytics. Released gradually over the course of the 2013/2014, Google is dramatically altering the landscape of what the new tools are capable of. Changes range from the simple revamping of common reports and availability of “galleries” of advanced segments and custom reports, to the dramatically improved ability to gather demographic information, to the revolutionary prospects of Universal Analytics. This new flavor of Google Analytics, with the ability to import data from other media – even media campaigns taking place offline — promises to transform Google Analytics from the world’s most popular web analytics program, to (as Google’s Justin Cutroni puts it) “an analytics platform for business, not just a single digital channel”. We will cover migration to Universal Analytics and other topics in detail.

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