Requirements, Technical Specifications, and Collections Management Systems: Planning for Successful Projects

R.J. Townsend, Cultivate Technologies, USA

When embarking on a development project of any scale, communication and documented requirements are vital to success. The goal of requirements documentation is to clearly communicate what will be delivered and to ensure there is mutual consensus around in-scope functionality, and how the system will look and behave. The goal of technical specifications is to document how the site will be built, to map requirements to system components (fields, methods, classes, API calls, etc), and to provide developers with an outline of what they will be building.

In this session we explore best practices in project communication and associated requirements and specifications to support successful projects. Attendees will hear about:

  • Lessons learned from past projects
  • How roles such as business analysts, project managers, tech leads, and others can complement a project team
  • How to think about functionality, requirement, and specification reuse when applicable
  • How requirements help the non-technical community understand how a Collections Management System can help their organization succeed
  • How technical specifications can help developers build sustainable, scalable systems

This is not a technical presentation, but it does cross the boundary between technical and business owners.

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