Quick and dirty Google Analytics tricks for testing website features

Andrew Lewis, Natural History Museum, London, UK

This workshop shows you some simple ways to tinker with non-standard Google Analytics features as a way of testing and prototyping web features when doing beta testing and incremental development.
The half day session focusses on how to set up targeted evidence-gathering within new features you are building, so that you can see how they are used, in a way that does not interfere with your continuous Analytics traffic monitoring. It will show you how to establish tracking for any navigation, promotion, call to action or other feature easily, using a range of simple tools including Custom URLs, Custome variables and Custom Events. You will learn how to gather hard data about user behaviour not found in standard reports.
You will learn how to design data capture in a structured way so that you can make sense of testing reports later.

This session is aimed at anyone responsible for ongoing development of website functionality. It assumes you have Google Analytics installed and a basic awareness of using standard Analytics reports. Some methods can be done without access to html templates, Javascript/CSS and Analytics administrator access, but to get the most out of it, you will need this access (not necessarily on the day, but to deploy later)

You will work through from test scenario to working report and some advance preparation will be required (small, about 1- 2 weeks before attending).

Level: Intermediate.

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