Project management for mobile

Loic Tallon, Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Amy Heibel, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA

Project management for mobile will be a one-stop-shop for museum professionals responsible for delivering a mobile project at their institution. Whether their project be an iOS app, Android app, mobile web site, audio guide or some sort of ninja augmented-reality-RTLS-QRcode-holographic web app, this workshop will walk participants through the project management phases and responsibilities for the successful delivery of their mobile project.

Starting at conception and leading into implementation, and the subsequent operation, maintenance and update of the project, the workshop will address issues including:
> how to ensure a mobile project is strategically relevant to your institution
> wireframes and mockups: what are they? when should they happen? what do they accomplish?
> maintaining a strong project vision, and how to incorporate stakeholder feedback into a project without losing your grip
> the strengths and weaknesses of different technology platforms and writing an effective technical requirements document
> preparing a budget, and when best to deliver tasks in-house vs. out-house
> when and how to select appropriate external vendors, including templates for an RFP process
> how to run a good QA process and ensure a bug-free end-product
> best practices for reporting, tracking and resolving bugs
> the life-cycle of the project, and anticipated updates to the project over its life-cycle

Through brainstorms, case study analyses and group activities, the objective of this workshop is to provide participants with toolkits, guidelines and reference projects to inform their project management of a mobile project at their institution.

This workshop is designed for any museum professional currently leading the strategy, planning, delivery, and operation of a mobile project at their institution. No prior technical knowledge required.

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