Producing a great web video – from a filmmaker’s point of view

Alexa Schulz, LACMA, USA, Gene McHugh, Whitney Museum of American Art, USA

This workshop explores how to best conceptualize a great web video while balancing the needs of art education, museum promotion, and documentary filmmaking.

Videos based on talking heads provide relevant information but often lack excitement and action. If you choose video you want to explore and make use of the powerful visual potential that film has to offer. The lack of “action” is the main challenge in a gallery setting. Visiting a living artist in her/his studio is a great opportunity to get a visually strong video with unique content. But what are your options when you don’t have a living artist to tell the story? How can we present the curatorial point-of-view in a dynamic and visually unique way? It’s a challenge and a creative opportunity to find a different point of view to tell the story.

We’ll share videos from three institutions – the Whitney, LACMA, and the Fowler – as examples of different visual and storytelling approaches. With a combination of music, graphics, animation, archival footage, gallery visuals, and innovative narrative techniques, these videos look behind the scenes at exhibition installations, conservation projects, and the artist’s process. We’ll look at videos made for adults, and for teen audiences, in an art and culture context.

In addition we’ll discuss effective ways to communicate your creative, visually exciting concept to other departments and to the filmmakers, and we’ll touch on practical aspects of video production as well as the challenges we had to navigate during the production of our case studies.

In a hands-on, game-like exercise you’ll get the chance to develop and pitch your own video concept in a supportive atmosphere with peer feedback.

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