New Media and co-curating the museum experience with teens

Sofie Andersen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, CALDER ZWICKY, MoMA , USA, Amy Boyle, The Noguchi Museum, USA, Rosanna Flouty, NYU, USA

A lightening round of talks will showcase online courses and media production programs for teens which foster new skills, create inspiring learning environments and develop uniquely ‘teen’ narratives. Speakers will share successful models for fostering co-creation of digital media programs in the museum context, look at how to introduce storytelling and new media skills, and navigate the thorny question of measuring the success of new media initiatives.

Case studies will highlight ways to encourage teens to use an active voice and push them to “own” spaces that challenge their assumptions and discuss difficult topics that impact their daily existence. Questions discussed will include:

How can a teen program instill a sense of authority, empower teens to take on larger issues that are salient to their lives, and use mobile and other new media technologies as a way to make formerly invisible conversations visible? What kinds of media result from these initiatives and how does one assess the results?

We will look at the delicate balance of creating an even exchange, fostering ‘safe’ spaces for teens to create museum-related media, and find their own voices without judgment. Ultimately, this presentation will look at the latest digital media experiences being created with and for teens, share insights on planning programs, and address the question of creating ‘public-facing’ media by and for teens.

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