Moving Ground Zero: Implementing Digital Strategy at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Alexander, The Cleveland Museum of Art, USA, Niki Krause, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

This paper will explore the scope and core elements the CMA’s digital strategy; staffing requirements and the interdepartmental steering team put in place to guide digital strategy; the backend systems put in place to support flexible access, both in theory and practice; and the effort required to pull everything together for recent high-profile information-based projects including Gallery One, ArtLens for iPad and smartphone, Collection Online, Central Table, and cloud-based Archival Repository.

The combination of master data and backend systems has moved ‘ground zero,’ and eliminated the need to start from scratch. This paper will summarize the process put in place to review the needs and guide implementation for new technology projects, reflect on lessons learned, provide practical advice for practically eliminating ‘one off’ projects.

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