Mobile Media and the Ubiquitous Museum

Michael Epstein, Untravel Media, USA

As web experiences move to mobile devices, opportunities open up to geolocate exhibit media throughout the public sphere. This workshop will train participants in strategies, technical tools, and examples of how to build city-wide exhibits for your museum without walls. Building on projects developed for history, art, and science museums this workshop will highlight:

1. Mobile Apps: an introduction to both tools and exemplary projects to make mobile apps that extend an exhibit to citywide experiences of your collections and themes.

2. Storytelling: prime examples of story structure for exhibits that include both an in-museum and an open-air experience.

3. Courseware: syllabi, teaching strategies, and sample student projects that can used to help staff and youth develop city-wide exhibit content.

4. Blueprint: attendees will design their own blueprint for a ubiquitous museum experience in their own locale. These blueprints will provide an simple way to bring the concept back to staff and to share progress with colleagues.

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