TAP into Baltimore

Matt Gipson, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA

Using TAP, the open-source mobile tour platform, the Indianapolis Museum of Art aims to create a unique mobile tour experience for the MW2014 conference in Baltimore, Maryland. TAP is an open-source toolset so you can easily modify it to fit the needs of your project. Whether it’s changing the theme colors or adding the latest web functionality, TAP is built for customization. The TAP authoring tools allow even novice computer users to enter content for a tour. To ensure that the content is reusable and can be accessed from your platform of choice, the TourML specification is used to separate the consumer apps from the backend technology. This allows the same tour content to be delivered to an iPad, an iPhone, the latest Android device, Windows phone or whatever device comes next.

For TAP into Baltimore, we aim to showcase the TAP authoring tools and the TAP web app. In addition, the tour will feature a custom design and added functionality to showcase the flexibility of the TAP toolset. TAP into Baltimore is a web based experience and is accessible via http://mw2014.imalab.us

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