Mapping evidence of inspiration in your audience’s social media

David Gerrard, Loughborough University, UK, Thomas Jackson, Loughborough University, UK, Ann O'Brien, Loughborough University, UK

Social media can provide a vibrant source of information about current and potential audiences, but how might the potential of this source be realised for audience analysis and development?

This Lightning Talk demonstrates a map produced from the starting point of one museum’s Twitter followers, then expanded to include a network of similar museums, and also key “influencers” related to the themes embodied by the museum and its exhibits. Produced using a combination of the Neo4J graph database and a .Net Twitter API client (Tweetinvi), the map highlights overlaps, and the shortest connections between the museum’s existing network and a network of influential experts and enthusiasts. How Tweets moved around the map, and how the map changed over the period of a key event for the museum, the launch of new display content, will also be shown.

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