Location, context and timing: is your audience ready?

Desirae Odjick, bv02, Canada, Andrew Milne, bv02 Inc., Canada

The future of digital engagement will be built around three factors: location, context and timing. This will require a variety of techniques, and in many cases, can raise the question of whether the audience is ready for adopting new ways of engaging with cultural content. The answer? Audiences have been ready for years. They’re listening, watching and waiting for institutions to step up and engage in new ways.

To best connect with these audiences, cultural institutions must push towards a digital environment that focuses on niche engagements. Exposing and granting access to curatorial content is the mandate for cultural organizations, and even with locally-focused content, that mandate goes beyond local boundaries. Digital engagements extend valuable local content, making it available to the niche audiences who are looking for it. By creating a space for those audiences to come together, cultural institutions will drive the next phase of engagement.

In this presentation, Andrew Milne, founder and CEO of bv02, will discuss the strategy needed to move away from a static repository of content, towards a more engaging and effective use of digital tools. He’s facilitated this strategic transition through his work with leading cultural institutions, including the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Gallery of Canada and the National Arts Centre. The shift towards digital tools that build and maintain relationships with niche markets will be the defining trend of 2013 in digital culture, and it is the shift that audiences have been waiting for.

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