JFG Haiku Hunt: Integrating Collaboration, Crowdsourcing and New Solar Location Based Technology

Vivian Kung Haga, Balboa Park Online Collaborative, USA, Wesley Hsu, Balboa Park Online Collaborative, USA

Based on visitor surveys and restrictions on informational signage due to Japanese garden aesthetics, the Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG) began a new initiative to integrate technology as an alternative form of providing information to visitors. Continuing an ongoing collaboration with Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC), the University of California, San Diego’s Pacific Rim Experiences for Undergraduates (PRIME) program, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), and Information Services International – Dentsu, Ltd (ISID), the JFG was the perfect venue to implement new solar-powered location-based devices.
The PlaceSticker is a device that broadcasts a localized WiFi signal tagged with a unique ID detectable by Android devices. In this project, the devices were assigned to specific garden locations. Visitors downloaded the JFG Haiku Hunt app to participate in a scavenger hunt to find the locations.
Clues for the app were crowd-sourced. Online visitors were invited to create haikus (a form of Japanese poetry) to be featured as the “riddles” in the app. Sumi-e artists were invited to create abstract drawings of the locations and sound clues were added when appropriate. Using these clues, visitors embark on a search for the specific location. Once the location is discovered, the user receives a message that they solved the “riddle” and the app unlocks hidden facts and information about the specific location. Unlock all of the clues, and the visitor earns a reward. Additional funding was secured via a Kickstarter campaign for usability testing and installation.
This demonstration will discuss the processes used in building the application, including international collaboration, student collaboration, and crowdsourcing content and funding.

Collaborators: NICT: Shinji Shimojo; BPOC: Vivian Kung Haga, Wesley Hsu; ISID: Kazuhiro Toda; Ritsumeikan University: Nobuhiko Nishio; UCSD: Jason H. Haga, Jesus Rio.

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