IZI.travel: a new way of creating mobile audio guides

Alex Palin, izi.TRAVEL, The Netherlands

IZI.travel has developed a free and open authoring platform for mobile museum and city audio guides and is working successfully with many museums and cities around the world. Download IZI.travel’s MW Demo Baltimore – http://izi.travel/mw/
Full list of 6 tours – http://goo.gl/p8aLG1

Museums and cities can use the IZI.travel technology for free. It’s our philosophy that museums should focus their resources on storytelling. You can enrich the stories with videos, photos, quizzes and languages to create compelling content to truly engage your visitors. The audio guides work on both iOS and Android devices, indoor and outdoor, online and offline, with or without QR codes. Outdoor tours are GPS triggered and have online and offline maps, which help visitors to find the way to your museum.

Featured statistics and feedback of the app-usage help museums to better understand its visitor behaviors. For IZI.travel it is an important tool to listen to the users’ needs and to constantly improve our features and services of our platform.

For museums, creating an app can be a challenge. We made it as easy and flexible as possible, as collections change and exhibitions come and go…
With IZI.CMS – it is simple to improve and update the mobile content. You retain full control of the content. Depending on the budget, museums can create an audio guide themselves, or (partly) outsource it to one of our partners.

With museums and city audio guides in one single app we notice that it attracts more visitors to museums. It’s convenient for visitors and tourists, as they only have to download one app to get a great city experience. And because of that great experience they like to share it with friends and family via social networks.

Get a flavor on IZI.travel website. To get the full experience download the IZI.travel app in the App Store or in Google Play.

During the Mobile Bake-off we will share the IZI.travel app experience and our IZI.CMS tools.

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