Lance Zaal, iTourMobile, USA

iTourMobile Demonstration

For the MW2014 Bake-off, download the iTourMobile app from iTunes or Google Play. Then choose one of two tours under “Experiences”: Baltimore Mobile: Outdoor or Baltimore Mobile: Indoor – or try them both!

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iTourMobile is pleased to participate in the 2014 Mobile Bake Off. The iTour platform can be used for both indoor and outdoor locations. iTourMobile assumes a multi-screen approach across native mobile applications, mobile friendly websites, and Facebook. Our custom built CMS is highly customizable and lets clients integrate their brand and each item into social media. We provide detailed analytics, surveys, video integration, and location awareness for indoor locations.

iTourMobile is a technology, design, and consulting firm founded in 2013 to help organizations to connect with their customers and to enhance their customer experience through technology. Its proprietary iTour software brings the story of museums, cities, destinations, and businesses to life through interactive digital experiences across mobile, the internet, and social media. Visit or call 888.259.5337 for more information.

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