From Pedestals to U-Hauls: New Modes for the Curation and Display of Architecture in the Contemporary Realm

Danielle Rago, On the Road, USA

The exhibition and display of architecture has changed in recent years from the representation of architecture in the form of plans, sections, elevations, and models to the production and creation of architecture through discourse. Thus the role of the museum (and arguably smaller programmatic spaces and platforms) is transitioning from a passive repository and retrospective institution to an incubator and producer of ideas. Through the promotion of exhibitions that take on socially relevant issues within contemporary society, museums have become sites of development as well as proponents for contemporary architecture within the globalizing world. No longer bound to the traditional formats of exhibition and display, museums, other institutions and organizations are beginning to exhibit architecture in myriad ways.This paper argues for transforming the curation and display of architecture in both museum, gallery and institutional settings as well as supports the idea of curating transformation as it relates to the contemporary discourse and my recent curatorial initiative – On the Road.

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