Exhibitor Briefing: From Dust to Display – The role of Digital Media Asset Management in today’s workflows

Bruno Van Den Bossche, Zeticon NV, Belgium

Today, we see an ongoing evolution where the everyone consumes more and more information digitally. Not only on computers and laptops, but just as well on tablets, smartphones, large scale touchscreens, social media etc. This evolution is present both at home, at work in museums, libraries, archives etc. At the same time, a lot of effort is spent on digitizing existing content. Photo collections, archive files, tomes, manuscripts… They all deserve a long and functional life. Digitization is the ideal way to preserve all of these documents in the most durable way possible. The next step of disclosing these digital treasures in a fascinating and interactive way requires a well thought out action plan. involving a future proof digitization strategy, a flexible digital media asset management platform and innovative and flexible ways to disclose the content. Taking into account both long term preservation goals and future proof disclosure and the content. This briefing will guide us through a number of actual case studies highlighting potential pitfalls and how they were countered.

A library exposing their media content through large scale touch tables
A cultural heritage cell and museum where highly automated workflows are implemented
An audio visual archive preparing for a long term preservation of tv broadcast content with a focus on disclosing that content to the Internet.

In all these use cases, careful planning combined with the required experience and vision were the key to success. We will conclude the briefing with a summary on the gained insights and experience. Allowing you to turn dusted soon to be forgotten archives into sparkling digital collections exposed to new audiences.

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