Piecing it together: Design game for ideation and consideration of mobile experiences

Rikke Baggesen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Driven by visions for inclusive institutions and spurred on by cultural policies and digital developments, museums eagerly explore new technologies and invent new formats for cultural engagement, onsite, outside and online. In this context of institutional transformation, the museum community has taken a growing interest in design. The possibilities are manifold but not straight-forward, however the challenge may inspire fruitful contemplation and innovation in the museum community. Also for this process, a critical take on design could be key. The PhD research presented in this paper explores potential uses of mobile media to facilitate museum experiences outside the museum as well as addressing their implications for the museum. Taking inspiration from critical design, the project experiments with aesthetic and ethnographic design methods for conceptualisation of mobile experiences as well as articulation of museological matters of concern.The project has resulted in the creation of a design game to support projection and discussion of possible concepts for mediation, which was used in a set of workshops with Designmuseum Danmark. The paper shares insights from the workshops as well as considerations on the methodology developed in the project, suggesting how critical design thinking may inspire reflection in museums facing similar challenges.

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