Curator CMS’s mobile tour app from plein air interactive

Rob Landry, Plein Air Interactive, USA

plein air interactive has developed a web-based mobile tour app that can be used by museums, historic sites and botanical gardens to enhance the visitor experience of a gallery exhibit or walking tour.  It is a powerful, user-friendly tool that Museum professionals can use to easily self-publish their tours and have complete control over the management of tour content.

For the MW2014 Mobile Bake-off Demo, plein air has created 2 tours:

For outdoor attractions:
For cultural sites:


  • Accepts text, graphics, photos, audio and video content
  • Previewing of stops before publishing
  • Dynamic reordering of stops
  • Individual stops can be assigned to multiple tours
  • Unlimited number of tours
  • Google mapping of tour stops within the app (save a stop and its geo-coordinates are automatically fetched from Google Maps and displayed on the “app-map” if a physical address is provided – appropriate for historic walking tours)
  • Stops can be accessed by ID# and/or QR code
  • QR codes are automatically generated when a stop is created

The app can be set up as a stand-alone web app or as part of plein air interactive’s Curator CMS.  It can be hosted by plein air interactive (like or Blogspot) or configured to run within a museum’s own hosting environment.

As with all of plein air’s custom applcations for museums, it is built on Open Source tools: the Django web framework (see more at  Server-side scripting is written in Python; the administrative interface incorporates the Twitter Bootstrap “front-end” framework.  The public-facing interface makes use of either a jQuery Mobile framework or a set of HTML 5 templates.

One tremendous advantage of this framework is that it can be easily extended, allowing plein air to create custom features to meet any special requirements a museum might have for a digital project.

Because it’s built atop Django (which uses the BSD Open Source license), the Curator Mobile Tour app can be licensed to museums with the greatest possible flexibility – as Open Source or with restrictions.

Costs are minimal if hosting through plein air; $50 – 100/month for unlimited tours as a stand-alone application, and $0-50/month if incorporated as part of a larger suite of apps or the Curator CMS.


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