Crowdfunding: A passing wad or truly a pair’o dimes shift

Leonard Steinbach, Consultant/Johns Hopkins University, USA

This lightening talk provides a baseline initiation to crowdfunding and contributer motivation factors key to campaign success. Diiverse and international examples of museum and cultural heritage crowdfunding efforts will be quickly presented and described, thereby demonstrating a wide range of purposes and styles that have emerged from our community. Finally, a series of important questions and issues will be raised, including a comparison of crowdfunding to more traditional fundraising efforts including those already online and the risks and benefits of various fund distribution models. Perhap most profound relationship of crowdfunding to the broader participatory culture in which museums have become immersed. Success of this talk will be measured by the extent to which it helps inform and shape audience opinions about the viability and desirability of crowdfunding initiatives for their own institutions.

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