CLAIR, the open-source Collections and Internal Records Management System

R.J. Townsend, Cultivate Technologies, USA

CLAIR is an open-source Collections And Internal Records management system built as a Drupal distribution and freely available on It gives museums and institutions the ability to manage online collections and can be used as an “out-of-the-box” Collections Management System. It is fully customizable and designed to provide a base system that can be customized and scaled to meet most (if not all) business requirements.

CLAIR uses the concept of Collections and Objects. Collections are groupings of objects; a collection may be an exhibition with related events, digital assets, and articles. Or a collection may be an artist with related blog posts, images, videos, and exhibitions. It’s very flexible and integrates with views. CLAIR includes a number of default objects (events, blogs, digital assets, more) or you can add your own. Roles, permissions, and workflows can be configured for collections and objects as well.

Join us for a demonstration of CLAIR to learn more about the designs and decisions that went into this product, as well as the ability to provide valuable feedback to the developers and contributors of this project.

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