Blurred Lines: Collaborative Strategies for Online Learning, Engagement & Outreach

Meagan Estep, National Gallery of Art, USA, Margaret Collerd Sternbergh, The Phillips Collection, USA, Stephanie Pau, Chad Weinard, Independent Consultant, USA, Amy Wike, The Phillips Collection, USA

In recent years, many museums have witnessed a cross-pollination of ideas and strategies between educators, social media managers, and digital technologists. At the same time, we are seeing gains in digital literacy across audiences, as well as the democratization of access to free or low-cost technologies. Recent efforts to extend the reach of inquiry-based learning to audiences beyond our walls have provided fertile ground for the convergence of these two phenomena. During this professional forum, hear from three museums that have benefited from partnerships between staff in social media, digital media, and education, as well as the blurring of lines between these practices.

Teams from The Phillips Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, and the North Carolina Museum of Art will share their experiences developing educational, participatory, and inquiry-based experiences using a mix of social media tools and online platforms. Each institution will discuss opportunities found and challenges faced, including the process of beginning new interdepartmental collaborations, implementing strategies to evaluate success and measure engagement, and lessons learned along the way. Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences and pose new questions about the blurring of boundaries between social media and educational outreach. Time will also be given to discuss what the future of such collaborations may look like, as well as potential challenges or benefits.

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