Before, During, After using technology to enhance the museum visit

Alan Wecker, Haifa University, Israel, Tsvi Kuflik, The University of Haifa, Israel, Joel Lanir, University of Haifa, Israel

This demonstration shows a novel, integrative framework for supporting the pre, during and post visit stages. The demonstration presents a framework architecture and underlying infrastructure using standard software design patterns, and shows how this framework can support the various visit stages. The suggested framework architecture is demonstrated in a real museum as the infrastructure for a mobile multimedia museum visitors guide system, integrating the three phases using standard web-based technology.

At each stage we show varied application for each stage. For the planning stage we show a plan built on the museum content vs. one that uses social network information. For the visit stage we show a standard TourML guide vs. a guide that uses the TourML information to provide a customized visit. For the reflection stage we show an application that replays the visit vs. one that can allow one to interact with social media.

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