Are you a Digital Media Hoarder?

Joscelyn Zell, Extensis, USA

Do you have thousands of collection objects  that you can’t make sense of? Do you find yourself breaking into a sweat when you try to find a file in your museums collection? Are you frequently unsure which file is the latest version? Are you secretly hoarding photos, videos and digital files on your hard drive so none of your colleagues can find them?

If so, then you might be a digital media hoarder.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With the exponential growth of digital assets, museums across the globe are facing major challenges in managing these expansive libraries. People are unintentionally becoming “rich media hoarders”, and in turn spending countless hours trying to locate their collection objects. Efforts are often duplicated and content replicated as there is not an easy system for sharing. Files are lost over time as archiving systems are not in place. And in some cases, compliance is compromised as users don’t understand the rights or requirements for the content they are using (or have access to sensitive content which should be restricted).

In this interactive session, Maxwell Mabe if Extensis will present steps to help museums get their collection objects back in order and working with their Collections Management Systems.

Questions that the session will answer

  • What are the five simple steps to get organized?
  • Where is the best place to start digging through your digital media hoard?
  • How museums can find, manage, and convert the digital assets associated with their collection objects?
  • How can digital asset management systems integrate with collections management systems to create an efficient and comprehensive collection information solution?
  • How can museums enable self-service access to collections images for other departments?
  • How can catalogs be easily customized to track custom or CMS related information such as accession number, artist name, title, or other custom fields?
  • How can assets be converted on-the-fly to other sizes and formats instead of creating and storing unnecessary duplicates?




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