The Peacock Room Comes to America

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See the Peacock Room in a whole new light. At home or while visiting the Freer Gallery of Art, you can use this free interactive app for iPad and iPhone to explore James McNeill Whistler’s famed interior and to learn about its dynamic, cosmopolitan history. A scrolling panorama offers a virtual tour of the Peacock Room as it is installed today, in an exhibition also titled The Peacock Room Comes to America. Click on the objects or decorative elements for more information and related multimedia content, such as audio guides by Freer|Sackler curators. An interactive timeline illuminates the room’s changing appearance as it moved from Victorian London to Gilded Age Detroit and finally came to rest at the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC, where it has been on display since the museum opened in 1923.

This app allows visitors to explore the amazing objects of the Peacock Room in close-up detail and with multiple layers of information.  It also tells multiple stories, making the room’s complicated history available in a way that simply isn’t possible in the room itself, where there is no space for explanatory labels, etc.

There are 254 pots on view in the room at the moment and the room is installed to appear as it did in Freer’s home. Visitors to the Freer can check out iPads for free at the front desk.

The  free mobile app is available for iPhone and iPad. Nearly every object in the Peacock Room can be selected for more information and there are 18 “highlighted objects” that have associated material attached to them including audio, comparanda, and a short narrative. In addition, a video presentation takes you behind the scenes of the room’s recent reinstallation. Curate your own installation by selecting pots to display on the Peacock Room sideboard, and then create a postcard of your design to share with friends.