Sharing the Meal!

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The participatory digital exhibition Sharing the Meal! invites to explore our food heritage of Quebec and Canada. The exhibition is bilingual (French and English) and accessible.

It is divided into four principal sections :

1: 4 themes : history, identity, transmission through time and territory

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2: 10 families : videos and photos about a festive meal that is meaningful to them

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3: your contribution! An invitation to add your history to the exhibition

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4: activities to help teachers to start a conversation with their students about food heritage.

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The exhibition explores the material and the immaterial heritage about our food through 39 video interviews (10 families and 5 experts) and more than 70 photographies.


1. The subject

Food heritage and its importance are unknown by people. When they discover it, they feel how it contributes to their identity and their sociability. The videos of the families help them to understand the simplicity of this huge heritage and how to preserve and transmit it.

2. The participatory side

The possibility to add testimonies is unique in digital exhibitions. We open the exhibition so people can complete the subject with their own food heritage with text, images or videos. Our aim : with can’t talk about all our food heritage, so please, help us to complete the exhibition!

3. The sensibility of the families’ stories

By viewing the videos, we enter into the intimacy of their kitchen! And we are really touched.

Be informed: by viewing the videos, you may be hungry. 😉