Records of Rights Online Exhibition

From the abolition of slavery to protecting privacy, defining workplace rights to censorship, the Records of Rights exhibit at the David M. Rubenstein Gallery at the National Archives draws on the Archives’ extensive collection of historic documents, images, and videos to share the history of the American struggle for freedom and justice. This online exhibition extends the experience beyond the gallery’s walls, allowing users around the world to access NARA’s remarkable primary source materials and encouraging them to explore how Americans over the years have addressed issues of equal rights and opportunity.

Simple, color-coded themes help visitors navigate the site, and they can search across categories to investigate the areas that interest them most. Scrollable timelines create visual narratives that expand and contract, and influencing events give greater context to the stories. Users can zoom in for a closer look at the documents and photographs, deepening their engagement with the important content.

Immersive and informative, the Records of Rights online exhibition leverages the National Archives’ impressive collection to bring to vivid life the quest for liberty in our nation.

For more information about the project including additional photographs and a demo video, please visit our website.