Museopunks: the podcast for the progressive museum. Episode 13: Digital as a Dimension of Everything, with John Stack (Tate) and Keir Winesmith (SFMoMA). 576w, 640w" sizes="(max-width: 169px) 100vw, 169px" /> Museopunks – 13: Digital as a Dimension of Everything.

Museopunks is a podcast for the progressive museum.  Every month, Jeffrey Inscho and Suse Cairns investigate the fascinating work and personalities in and around the museum sector. Since April 2013, the pair has explored some of the sector’s most stimulating questions, institutions, and practices, with a focus on emergent and boundary-pushing work and ideas. Guests have included Paola Antonelli (MoMA), Sree Sreenivasan (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Michael Edson (Smithsonian Institution), Elizabeth Merritt (Centre for the Future of Museums), Seb Chan and Aaron Cope (Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum), Nancy Proctor (Baltimore Museum of Art), John Stack (Tate), and many more. Episodes have focussed on topics such as museums in the age of scale, emergent conservation approaches for born digital and emerging media, organisational structure and strategy, and innovative curation.

As an engaging and informative resource, this project supports the museum profession by distributing information about cutting edge thinking and projects, and best practice in the digital and related contexts. Interesting interviews promote information sharing and new ways of thinking about the issues confronting the museum today. The podcast format enables deep dives into provocative subjects, and makes portable this educational resource. In November 2013, Museopunks was flown to Montreal and invited to produce three ‘live’ versions of the podcast at the Museum Computer Network conference (MCN2013), in recognition of the ongoing impact of the podcast and its valuable contribution to the sector as a whole.