Journey of the treasures

Journey of the treasures, an immersive online story, is the result of a collaboration between the Art Gallery of NSW and Shorthand. the Gallery partnered with Shorthand to produce great content to showcase the beta version of their interactive story telling tool. The way the tool delivers images, text, video and audio provided us with an incredibly strong and immediate way to connect our audiences to a complex and extraordinary back story of the rediscovery of the ancient artefacts on display in the exhibition Afghanistan: hidden treasures from the National Museum. The tale is about how the treasures survived war, looting and a Taliban decree to destroy all images. At the heart of the story is the bravery of the Director and curators of the National Museum in Kabul who risked their lives to keep the Museum’s most precious objects from being destroyed.

Delivered via the web the content is optimised for most web-enabled devices both large and mobile. The interactive is available within the exhibition Afghanistan: hidden treasures from the National Museum on tablet devices as well as anywhere, anytime via our website. A distinguishing feature about the way the interactive is created is that it can be bundled up and delivered as an embeddable site for online media services like the Guardian online bringing with it the potential to attract new kinds of audiences to our content.

The story is designed to be experienced in different ways, for example the user can have a rich ‘at a glance’ scroll through or engage with an image here a video there, they can even take a linear approach and read it and view it from top to bottom.

Journey of the treasures began its life as an experiment but is now very much an example of how the Art Gallery of NSW can use digital channels to communicate our complex stories in rich, compelling and accessible ways.

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