The Inside ARTEXPRESS website compliments the Art Gallery of NSW’s annual ARTEXPRESS exhibition. Each year ARTEXPRESS brings together a selection of artworks produced by exceptionally talented teenage artists. This year there are 41 students drawn from the most outstanding works submitted for the 2013 NSW Higher School Certificate Visual Arts examination.

ARTEXPRESS provides insights into students’ creativity and the issues and ideas that are important to them. The work of the 41 students has been selected from over 9500 who sat the HSC Visual Arts examination in 2013.

Presenting the independent voice of young people, ARTEXPRESS showcases a wonderful range of creativity in diverse media including painting, drawing, photomedia, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, graphic design, time-based forms and sculpture. The Art Gallery of NSW, one of Australia’s major art museums, provides students with the opportunity for their work to be exhibited to a large and diverse audience.

The Inside ARTEXPRESS website lets you explore Artexpress artists and works for the last 9 years back to 2005. Visitors to the site can search by year, expressive form, works with audio, video or process diaries and the entire site has also been optimised for mobile. In 2013 we added a slideshow function to view the works,  audio for most of the student works and a selection of video interviews that can be accessed on a smartphone via QR codes in the Gallery space or on the website.

During the exhibition the website has large numbers of visitors which was to be expected, what surprised us was how popular the website continued to be even when the exhibition had finished and has continued throughout the year. It is now one of our most popular sections of the Gallery’s website. There were definite peaks to the visitation during the HSC life cycle where students and Art teachers were accessing the site for inspiration for their works and just prior to the examination and final works period. Teachers particularly tell is that they often use the site in their classes.

There are many prominent Australian Artists who were featured in Artexpress (the exhibition) at the Art Gallery of NSW during their final year at high school (Ben Quilty being probably the best known). Future plans for the website are to interview these some of these now well know artists about what it meant  and still means to them and to where possible put works and associated content up for the 20 years before 2005.

Following is a selection of pages form INSIDE ARTEXPEXPRESS


The 2013 ARTEXPRESS students

Search by expressive form throughout the years

Example of a students page from 2013

Example of works from 2012

Example of student work from the upcoming 2014 exhibition