Think Inside the Box!

Site Name: Think Inside the Box! (An Online Course About Creative Prompts and Artistic Action)

Institution: The Museum of Modern Art

Designer: In-house


username: museumsandtheweb

password: moma14

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Category: Innovative/Experimental

Small Museum: No

Why: Think INSIDE the Box: MoMA’s First Online Course for Teens

Spring 2013 saw the creation of the country’s first-ever museum-based online course created for teens, entirely by teens as a group of nine alumni from previous MoMA Teen Programs partnered up with Calder Zwicky, Associate Educator, Teen & Community Programs and Allegra D’Aprile Smith, Assistant Educator, Digital Learning Department over the course of a 5 month period.

The 9 teens were selected to be a part of a new Teen Digital Advisory Board, MoMA eL!t3. Each week, the group gathered at the museum and brainstormed ways to create an interactive online course inspired by their own interests in modern art and MoMA’s collection. Furthermore, they were introduced to a series of teaching strategies that MoMA uses to inspire them to put their own unique spin on the traditional online course framework.

After the course syllabus was established, the teens collaborated with guest artist, Ali Santana to produce a series of 15 videos divided into the five week course titled, Think INSIDE the Box: An Online Course About Creative Prompts and Artistic Action. The next steps involved building a custom course was built using the learning management system, Haiku. Each week provided the students both digital and physical components for a mystery box was mailed to each course participant. In addition to image slideshows, artists bios and videos, every lesson included an art making prompt using materials such as sketchbooks, canvases, cellophane sheets, makeup, fortune cookies, Fluxus scores, and more.

A discussion forum titled, Talk Back! incorporated a digital environment for the students to converse amongst each other about the content as well as a space for them to upload images of their artworks in this digital platform. This free course filled up in less than two weeks, meeting its maximum capacity of 75 teens with minimal advertising or outreach on our behalf and spreading to students across the United States as well as in England, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Argentina, and more. The teens worked with us to create the course content from February 2013 – June 2013 and the online course ran from November 2nd through December 13th.

**Please be sure to visit, “Week Three: Flux You!” and “Week Four: This Time it’s Personal” to view some of the most popular videos from the course. We recommend using the Safari browser to view course content.”

Responses from students:

·  “my first online course, perfect balance between learning and fun and both at the same time which doesn’t happen very often.”

·  “Overall, I did enjoy taking this course. It opened my eyes to a different side of the artistic world, and I’m impressed that this online course was so well organized and easy to follow. Thank you MoMA, keep up the great work! :)”

· “Something to look forward to every week, very playful materials and exciting educational tools that turn into gifts when the class is over.”


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