Behind Livia’s Villa


Behind Livia’s Villa is a web3d project aimed at experimenting no-plug-in solutions, which could enable expert users and curators to explore complex cultural environments and related metadata. The goal is to enable a 3d interactive visit of an archaeological site on different devices: desktop PCs, Smartphones and Tablets.

The web experience is focused on one of the most important Roman Villas in Rome, that of Livia, emperor Augustus wife. Through the website, users can move from one room to another one, visiting the site as it is today (just archaeological remains poorly conserved) and as it might have been during the 1st Century AD. The metadata contain extra information and details also related to the interpretation process that has led archaeologists and 3d modellers to reconstruct this wonderful archaeological site.

The website is currently being evaluated at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam by V-MUST.NET project.