Art and Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies for Your Classroom

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In 2013, The Museum of Modern Art partnered with MOOC ( Massive Open Online Course) provider Coursera to offer professional development for K-12 teachers all over the world.  Art and Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies for your Classroom, the first art museum MOOC was designed to give teachers the tools to create meaningful object-based learning activities that can be integrated into a wide variety of curricula. With the quickly evolving landscape of online learning, the partnership between museums and MOOCs was not unexpected, however Art and Inquiry was unique with its focus on teaching practice, not just content and its emphasis on student exchange and dialogue as core course components.  Teachers who often work in isolation are eager for more spaces for development and discussion, and the MOOC structure provided a platform for teachers to share best practices and ideas about teaching and learning on a global scale.

Art and Inquiry featured original video lectures, exclusive in gallery documentation of school and teacher programs, online teaching tools, and challenging assignments that  required students to put each week’s content into practice. Over the course of  four weeks, teachers learned about the building blocks of inquiry based teaching, working toward a final project, in which each student created a lesson plan that explored all the concepts covered throughout the course.  Designed as a peer assessment, the final project required students to review and evaluate other students work based on an established rubric.  Projects were then shared in the discussion forums, which allowed all students access to each others lesson plans.

In addition to discussion forums, we incorporated social media and online tools to encourage and foster exchange. One such tool was a beta version of the Google Hangout on Air application “Questions”, which allowed for real time interactions between the course instructor and the students that were watching live, allowing them to submit and vote on questions.  The recorded Hangout on Air became a resource for the course as the archive recoding allowed students who could not attend to watch on their own.  Google promoted the Art and Inquiry Open House as an exemplar of innovative implementation of the “Questions” application and Coursera also featured it in their Partners Portal as an example of best practice as it relates to facilitation and student engagement.

The course had 17+ students registered, representing over 100 countries.  Art and Inquiry is running again in March and we are currently in development for a second MOOC course, Art and Activity, launching in July 2014.

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