The Korean Artist Project

The Korean Artist Project (KAP) is launched in 2011 as an Online website which is designed to introduce Korean contemporary art with Korean private art museums. Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Korean Art Museum Association, KAP implies the culture of Korean art on the site throughout the information about art museums and the up to date list of exhibitions of participating artists.

The innovation of the KAP lies in the contents, especially the Virtual Exhibitions. KAP presents a virtual solo exhibition space of each artist. Their exhibitions are curated by the curators from Korean private art museums. The virtual reality system provides a three-dimensional display space, allowing visitors to explore and simulate an exhibition wherever and whenever they want, beyond national boundaries. With the establishment of the first ever online venue in the international art world, visitors are able to easily understand and get insight into Korean contemporary art.

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KAP Virtual Reality-2 KAP Virtual Reality-1

It also provides various web contents such as virtual exhibitions, digital archive and video interviews which provide the online visitors to get more sense about the Korean contemporary art scene in depth both in Korean and English.

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We hope that the KAP website can be a channel of Korean contemporary art to the worldwide audiences and foster exchange between people from different cultures. In Keeping with this, KAP strives to develop and implement a wide variety of global outreach strategies to reach this out to the world and to enhance its reputation as a global representative of Korean Contemporary art.

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