100 Years of Design

In celebration of AIGA’s centennial and the profound impact of American design on our culture, “100 Years of Design” brings to life exemplary works from AIGA’s digital archives, insightful interviews with living masters, quotes from leading designers, and significant moments from the organization’s history. These elements are woven into narratives to present how design informs, connects, delights, influences, and assists us. Framing the narratives in this way allows the intention behind a piece to take center stage and emphasizes why a piece looks the way it does, not just what it looks like. Unlike traditional design retrospectives organized by chronology or medium, the site offers visitors a new lens through which to view and evaluate great design.

The experience also encourages visitors to join a dynamic conversation about the role design plays in our daily lives. Users are invited to share their favorite works and describe what they mean to them. Responsive programming enables them to keep the conversation going from a variety of devices, from desktop to mobile to tablet.

100 years from now, visitors can look back on this rich collection of artifacts and reflect on how design has evolved to further shape our society.